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Stalprodukt – Prize Winner Distinguished as ”The One Who Changes Polish Industry”


The Board of Editors of Magazyn Gospodarczy Nowy Przemysł (New Industry Economic Magazine) and the web portal awarded the honorable titles of “The One Who Changes Polish Industry” already for the seventeenth time. Distinguished were the companies and persons  who exerted a significant impact on the positive changes in Polish industry and entire economy.


photo:  Michał Oleksy/

Stalprodukt S.A. became one of the distinguished prize winners of this honorable title. In the statement of reasons sent to us we read, among others, that: The Stalprodukt Group is preparing itself for harder times – in a thoughtful, but also brave way – primarily investing in new technologies.  The high quality of management fructifies with financial results. Predicting and facing the difficulties occurring in zinc production – primarily related to the charge material for the mining and metallurgical company -Zakłady Górniczo-Hutnicze “Bolesław” – may act as one of the examples of effective management. Anticipating the depletion of the Pomorzany mine’s deposits, expected for the year 2017, Stalprodukt placed their bet on recycling. The objective, ambitious and unprecedented in the industry, consisting in using of up to 30 per cent of the oxides obtained from recycling, has already been reached – and the  plans speak of 50 per cent.

During the solemn ceremony crowning the Forum event – We Change Polish Industry – held in Warsaw on 6 February, the prize was collected in the name of the Company by Józef Ryszka – Member of the board – Marketing Director.

photo: Paweł Pawłowski/

It is worth reminding that Stalprodukt has already been distinguished for the second time with the title of “The One Who Changes Polish Industry”. The Company received the title previously in 2007.

Other companies and persons distinguished in this year’s New Industry’s edition were: Polwax, PCC Rokita, Warbud, Creotech Instruments, Tomasz Domogała and TDJ, GM in Poland and Volkswagen Poznań, GE in Poland, Nowy Styl Group and Griffin Real Estate.