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Company profile

Stalprodukt S.A. is a leading producer and exporter of highly processed steel products: electrical transformer sheets, cold-rolled tubes and profiles, road barriers and toroidal cores. The company also has its own product distribution network (specializing mainly in the sale of cold-formed sections). It consists of warehouses and sales offices in several cities in Poland. Sales warehouses are managed directly by Stalprodukt S.A.

The parent company together with 9 subsidiaries form the Stalprodukt Capital Group.

Since 1997 Stalprodukt’s shares have been quoted on the primary market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange; in mid 2006 the Company was included in list of the MIDWIG index companies.

Modern forms of management are applied in the whole Stalprodukt S.A. Capital Group.

With regard to IT applications, the Company remains the leader in the broadly understood metallurgical branch. The ERP-class IFS Applications Integrated Management System has been operating in the Company since 1998. The Company holds the certificates: ISO 9001 Quality Assurance System and ISO 14001 Environment Management System, issued by TÜV CERT Rheinland.