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Corporate Social Responsibility

The Management Board of Stalprodukt S.A. is fully aware of the fact that the outlays earmarked for the support of regional development are a long-term investment, advantageous to both the parties. Our Customers’ and Employees’ satisfaction, respect for the local community are equally important goals, not superior to high profits.

‘Responsible business’ is a management strategy which allows us to minimize risks and maximize long-term success opportunities. It is also an ability to manage the enterprize in a way which increases its beneficial contribution to social development and, at the same time, minimizes the negative impact of economic activities. Responsible business also stands for the way that the company treats market participants on an everyday basis: customers, employees and the entire local community. The Stalprodukt’s highly-ranked and appreciated position stems from such an understanding of the company’s social responsibility.

The role of a responsible employer is one of the Board’s ambitious and important tasks, implemented from the beginnings of the Company’s existence. Stalprodukt punctually settles its accounts with employees and public-law liabilities in respect of the revenue office, social security institution or Bochnia’s Municipal Office as well as civil-law liabilities in respect of contractors.