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Code of Ethics and Anti-corruption Policy

Stalprodukt S.A. has based its operations on the principles of integrity, reliability and transparency of activities undertaken by its employees. Diligent performance of tasks, professionalism and competence in each activity are conducive to improving the quality of work results, and thus also the satisfaction of customers, shareholders and suppliers.

In order to precisely codify these principles, a Code of Ethics was prepared, supplemented by the Anti-Corruption Policy and whistleblower protection. It should be emphasized that these regulations were adopted for use throughout the Stalprodukt Capital Group.

The regulations contained in the above documents simultaneously meet the requirements and recommendations regarding the scope of non-financial reporting, principles resulting from the document “Good practices in public companies 2016”, as well as guidelines on corruption policy and whistleblower protection included in the document “Recommended standards for compliance management system in the field of counteracting corruption and protection system for whistleblowers in companies listed on the markets organized by the Warsaw Stock Exchange “, developed at the initiative of the Compliance Committee of the WSE.

Below you will find a form that allows you to provide information about any corruption proposals, as well as about other irregularities and abuse of law or breach of internal regulations of the Company. The adopted system of whistleblowing should enable employees, co-workers, contractors, partners, including business  partners and all  persons carrying out any activities on behalf of or for the benefit of the Company, transfer of the abovementioned information in a confidential manner and ensuring full anonymity to protect the Corporate Whistleblower’s identity.


Reporting information about corruption proposals and law violations

This form is used to report information by Corporate Whistleblowers about any corruption proposals and other irregularities and abuses of law or violation of internal regulations of the Company, in particular the Code of Ethics and Anti-Corruption Policy.

The information is transmitted by means of a form in a confidential manner which ensures full anonymity to protect the Whistleblowers ‘s identity.

The reports can be made as follows:

1. in electronic form with the use of the following notification form

Electronic application form

    2. in paper form at the correspondence address indicated below:

    Internal Control Manager
    Stalprodukt S.A.
    ul. Wygoda 69
    32-700 Bochnia
    with a note on the envelope: “deliver personally”