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Stalprodukt S.A.  offer cold and hot rolled coils, sheets and strips.

Hot-rolled steel and cold-rolled steel in form of sheets, strips and coils are widely used in all building and machine structures.

Oferta Centrum Serwisowego

Application and benefits


  • metal tanks, containers
  • agricultural and forest machines
  • metal enclosures
  • pressure tanks
  • ventilating ducts
  • furniture
  • road signs
  • boilers, furnaces
  • semitrailers, trailers
  • building structures


  • We offer sheets made of many grades of steel, beginning with steel in regular quality (S235), through steel with increased resistance (S355), up to high-resistance steel (up to S700 inclusively, for thickness of sheet ⩽ 5 mm and maximum stretching point of R = 1000 N/mm2 m ).
  • Strips and coils – we are able to cut steel beginning with steel of regular quality (S235), up to steel with increased resistance (S355).
  • Wide range of assortment, both in view of width, length and thickness of strip.
  • Guarantee of quality and precise execution, exceeding even the requirements of standards (constrained tolerances).
  • High quality of surface obtained in the process of brushing and significant reduction of elastic stress of material causes that sheets can be used for laser, plasma and water cutting.
  • Application of high-resistance materials allows for designing of much lighter structures in comparison with previously used materials. Dependence presenting the change of thickness of high-resistance materials in relation to low-alloy steel, with maintenance of the same resistance parameters presents as follows:

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