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On the 19 of March, i.e. on Krakow’s patron’s nameday, at the Fountain Hall of the Krzysztofory Palace, the annual ceremony was held, concerned with the presentation of awards granted by the Józef Dietl Local Government Corporation. Stalprodukt was awarded the Diploma of Honor in the ‘enterprises’ category.

The Józef Dietl Local Government Corporation, founded in 2003, groups community and local government activists from Małopolska [Lesser Poland]. In 2007 they inaugurated the Józef Dietl Award in their willingness to distinguish „persons and institutions acting for the good of the community”.

One cannot overappreciate Józef Dietl’s contribution to the development of Krakow and Małopolska. The president of the Jagiellonian University, and, subsequently, the first president of the autonomous city of Krakow, was famous for his patriotism and organizational talent. Krakow owes to him spa-centres development, orderly green areas, but also sewage disposal system, lighting and public toilets…

The Corporation decided to promote civic and patriotic attitudes, granting awards to the „contemporary Dietls”, people who, in the opinion of the local government officials, „following in their great Predecessor’s footsteps, build the success and welfare of our Little Fatherlands and the whole Region with their perseverant labour, determination and obstinacy, despite malcontents and adversities.

This year, professor doctor habilitated Franciszek Ziejka, former president of the Jagiellonian University and Chairman of the Social Committee for Renovation of Krakow Monuments, has won the Main Award. In previous years the Award winners were: dr Krzysztof Pawłowski (2008), Bartosz Szydłowski (2009), Anna Dymna (2010) i fr. Andrzej Augustyński (2011).

The Józef Dietl Award is granted to persons, pursuing their activities in the territory of the małopolskie voivodeship [Lesser Poland Province] for remarkable achievements and work in favour of the local community, local government and regional development. The diplomas are awarded in three categories.

The winner of the Diploma of Honor in the category of „non-governmental organizations” was the Jagielloński Club, and in the category of „institutions” – the Polish Aviation Museum in Krakow.

The main Award and Diplomas of Honor were awarded by the Competition Jury, composed, in addition to the former award winners, of the chairman of the małopolskie voivodeship Regional Parliament – Kazimierz Barczyk, chairman of the Krakow City Council – Bogusław Kośmider, president of the City of Krakow professor Jacek Majchrowski, president of the Jagiellonian University professor Karol Musioł and marshal of the małopolskie voivodeship [cf. speaker of the regional parliament] Marek Sowa. The chairman of the Competition Jury is the Corporation President – Bogumił Nowicki.

Collecting the Diploma of Honour from the president of the Jagiellonian University – Karol Musioł and thanking the members of the Competition Jury for the recognition of the Company’s achievements, president Piotr Janeczek congratulated the remaining award winners on their success and assured that the Company’s activities would still be focused on the region’s development and work in favour of the local community.