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New directions of strategic activities for the Stalprodukt Group for 2023-2030


On February 17, 2023, the Management Board of the Company published information on the assumptions for the directions of strategic activities of the Stalprodukt S.A. Capital Group for the years 2023-2030.

The basic risks defined in the Group’s operations include, among others:

–    possible restrictions in the supply of electricity and raw materials;

–    the risk of significant increases in the costs of purchasing electricity and natural gas;

–    further tightening of regulations regarding climate policy, especially the introduction of a new greenhouse gas emission reduction target (by 62% for sectors covered by the EU ETS by 2030 is a serious challenge for energy-intensive entities such as ZGH and HCM for the coming years, and meeting its requirements guarantees continued operation of this business segment);

–    effects of the introduction of the so-called border carbon tax (CBAM), including withdrawal of free CO2 emission allowances.

The main goals to be achieved by the Group are:

  • improvement of energy efficiency (among others, through the development of cogeneration sources with a total capacity of approx. 22 MW, reconstruction of technological lines),
  • decarbonisation of the Group’s production (e.g. by eliminating the use of steam coal, replacing “grey” hydrogen with the so-called “green”, building own renewable energy sources).

Measurable goals include, above all, reduction of CO2 emissions (including direct and indirect emissions):

–    in the area of steel processing – by 72 thousand tonnes/year, i.e. by 55%;

–    in the area of zinc production:

  • in the electrolysis process (ZGH) – by 266 thousand tonnes/year, i.e. by 50%;
  • in the ISP process (HCM) – by 96 thousand tonnes/year, i.e. by 20%;

–    reduction of the demand for electricity by approx. 268 GWh/year, which is approx. 40% of the current consumption.


The total expenditure for the above projects will amount up to PLN 1 billion in the period until 2030, with the participation of the steel processing and zinc production areas in each of approx. 50% of these expenditures.

The total effects in the form of reduced demand, mainly for the purchase of electricity and natural gas, will amount to approx. PLN 290 million/year.


A new area of the Group’s activity is the construction of commercial buildings, i.e. an office building and premises for rent in the PRS (Private Rented Sector) formula at ul. Wadowicka/Tischnera in Krakow – “Tischnera Green Town”. The estate is intended to be neutral in terms of environmental impact and consist of modern buildings with a high BREEAM rating, powered by cogeneration sources (ultimately based on “green” hydrogen), energy obtained from photovoltaic panels located on the roofs and facades of buildings and the use of heat pumps and rainwater. The project also includes charging points for electric cars.

The investment will be implemented in 2 stages:

  • 1st stage: construction of approx. 38,000 sq.m. of office space and approx.
    90 thousand sq.m. of the area of premises for rent in the PRS formula,
  • 2nd stage: additionally approx. 45 thousand sq.m. of office or residential space (depending on market conditions).

The total cost of construction of stage 1 is estimated at approx. PLN 1 billion, while the total annual revenue of 1st stage is min. PLN 125 million.

The Management Board of Stalprodukt, despite the planned ambitious investment projects, intends to continue the adopted policy of regular dividend payment, which assumes allocating 15 to 25 percent of standalone net profit.

The full content of the current report can be found here: Report No. 3 of February 17, 2023.